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Here is a brief career description for Steven Leiphart:

I have both Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees in Computer Science and over 23 years professional work experience in software engineering.  My computer industry experience began with 10 years as a full-time Systems Programmer employed by Unisys Corporation (formerly Burroughs) .  My primary concentration at Unisys during those years was in operating system kernel development "on the metal" for Intel x86 class microprocessors.

Following those years of full-time employment, I resigned and became an independent contractor.  I incorporated my business as Leiphart Computing Services, Inc. During the ~13 years since becoming self employed, I have worked for many different companies (see Client List) doing various computing projects. 

The bulk of my time is focused in the area of my greatest expertise and  the area I most enjoy.  These contracts, which frequently extend for multiple years, involve highly technical systems programming in C/C++ and assembly language for embedded micro-controllers in newly designed state-of-the-art hardware devices.  Other contracts involve programming in Visual Basic developing applications typically providing a user-friendly interface to manipulate information in both local and networked databases.   Some work  involves the relatively simple installation and setup of PCs, software, and small office networks.

The pages on Client List comprise a pseudo-résumé in which are listed in relatively chronological order, many of the companies for which I have worked.  Following the company name and approximate date range of my work with them, is a brief description of the type of work the contract involved.  Several of the companies have since been acquired and reacquired or do not have web sites.  In these cases the links point to the current owner's web site or some interesting reference to them.  There are numerous additional companies for whom I have worked which  I did not list individually since the total amount of work performed for them does not account for a significant portion of my time.