Leiphart Computing
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Company Profile

Leiphart Computing Services is a one-man programming shop.  My primary focus is the development of embedded systems software operating in new state-of-the-art hardware products.  I work on a contract basis, typically T&M (hourly), on computing technology related product development for companies that either need additional help to meet a critical scheduling need or who tend not to need permanent programmers on staff.  I am also experienced with work at a higher software level, such as development on Microsoft Windows in C/C++ or in Visual Basic.  These higher level applications typically are graphical user interfaces for databases in either Microsoft Access or some other database such as SQL Server.  I work well both as a Lone Ranger and as a member of a development team.

My embedded systems work usually involves the low level hardware interface for various types of products ranging from high speed network interface cards, to bleeding edge low latency Infiniband switching system management, to the operation and mechanical control of pumps, LCD displays, barcode readers, printers, and electro-chemical analyses in a portable hand-held medical device.  My software has passed FDA 510K certification and approval.

At the higher level of software development, I have created powerful yet simple to use and intuitive front ends for databases involving everything from the design and sales of pole signs incorporating inventory, shop work orders, and invoice tracking for the construction of the signs, to laser tag player registration and member and party database management.  I have developed and installed customer oriented touch screen kiosks such as all the Philly sports team and entertainment venue kiosks in the Wachovia Center as well as vehicle product selection kiosks in showrooms nationwide.

I have been a professional systems software developer since 1981 and have been an independent programming consultant operating as Leiphart Computing Services since 1991.  My education includes both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science from Millersville and Villanova Universities, respectively.  My home is in Morgantown and from a well equipped home office I support clients from Philadelphia to Lancaster and Quakertown to Baltimore.  Client satisfaction is my primary goal and every company I have worked for that was able has attempted to hire me full time and those that are not able typically call me back for their subsequent projects.

3 Core Competencies

1) Embedded systems development
2) Microsoft Windows software development in C/C++ and Visual Basic
3) SQL/Database development and front-ends