My formal education began with four years enlisted in the United States Air Force during which I received 12 months of intensive training in digital and analog electronics including NASA certified soldering school and significant hands-on training in equipment  fault analysis and repair.  After my military training, where I graduated second in my class, I worked 18 months in Tehran, Iran.  In Iran I participated in a classified assignment (since declassified) monitoring the Soviet Union's underground nuclear tests via a large seismic sensor array.  I then returned to Denver, CO as an instructor in the seismic analysis training center and also received additional training in defense satellite technology.

After the military,  I attended Millersville State University and received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science where I focused on digital electronics.  I graduated from Millersville with honors and then attended Villanova University and received my Master of Science Degree in Computer Science where I focused on Operating System design.



Villanova University ( 1982 - May 1984)

Received Master of Science Degree in Computer Science.  (gpa:3.89)



Millersville State University (Jan 1980 - Dec 1981)

Received Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science.  Graduated with honors Cum Laude.  (gpa:3.6, CS:4.0)



United States Air Force (Aug 1975 - Aug 1979)

Electronics, computer, and seismological training.  Performed seismic data analysis of Soviet underground nuclear tests in support of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in Tehran, Iran and then used my experience teaching in the analysis training center at Lowry AFB, Denver, CO.  Granted Top Secret security clearance.