Hike 1



Our first hike of 17.9 miles from 10/28/99 to 10/31/99 started at Pen Mar Park on the border of Maryland and Pennsylvania.  The hike began pretty bad with our van breaking down near Chambersburg on the ride out and we had to get it towed.  We rented a small Chevy Celebrity to haul the three hikers, Cheryl and her Mom, and the three huge backpacks from there to the park.  We didn't actually get hiking until sunset and we did our first steep climb with our maximum pack loads navigating numerous switchbacks up a mountain by flashlight.  We finally got to the top and set up camp.  Next morning we could look around and see where we were.  It was a nice spot.

Our first camp site and Heather peaking out past her two stowaways.

We soon got hiking...

with quite a few rest breaks thrown in.

Sometimes the trail is difficult to navigate, but the white blazes on the trees show the way.

Steve looking back up the trail to see what is taking the girls so long...

When we got to one of the many high peaks on this hike we got a nice overlook of the land to the south from a site called Chimney Rocks. 

It even had a sign marker that we collapsed against for a picture.  Erica and Heather on the overlook.

Sometimes water is far between and we have to filter it when we find it.  Here Erica and Heather are loading the canteens.

We take a break for lunch at a shelter and Heather reads the shelter log book.  Most everyone that stops by writes something in the book and they can sometimes be quite interesting.

Finally in Caledonia State Park.  We cross this small bridge which signals a successful first hike for us three.