The Wall



We enjoy visiting Cheryl's Uncle Harry's place in New York's 1000 Islands region. 

I like to have a project to accomplish while I am there.  This year (July 2003) my goal was to build my first stone wall.  I was making pretty good progress, but I didn't get it completed due to our visit being cut short by a serious health issue with a very close friend. This picture shows most of where I got to.  The final condition before we left in a bit of a hurry without any later photos is approximately level with the height on the left side.  I am making the wall about 18 inches thick to allow it to withstand the nasty NY/Canadian winters.  Thankfully, it didn't need a deep footer below the frost line since I was able to dig down to the solid base rock that forms the entire point.  I cleaned this rock surface off and cemented my first coarse directly to it.  It needs about 6-8 more inches of height and then the cap.  Hopefully I can make it back up again soon to finish it up.

Through this project, I have found that stone masonry is actually somewhat enjoyable...back breaking, but you can immediately see the results of your efforts.


Sept 14th finished!  See the two small solar nite-lites inserted in the top?