Misc. Moments



This page is a collage of pictures of the last year.

Steve's Grandma Violet at her 91st birthday.   Eating on MomMom & DadDad's new patio.

Steve in his "cube" at work. Happy to be here!    Cheryl and Heather feeling scrambled!

           Nana, Heather, PopPop, and Erica.             Steve and Heather at Hershey Park.  

Cheryl's nephew & niece Ryan and Sarah hunting for eggs.              Erica's room. She likes animals!

Heather trained her cat Faith to pose for pics.    Cheryl's bedroom. Curtains in process.

Erica trained her cat Venus to sleep.                 Cheryl's prayer chair. Curtains still in process.

Carbon, our 3 year old Doberman.                     " Sarah!  Throw it farther than that!!"

Looking out our back door onto the deck.        Looking off the front porch.  Drive is straight 
                                                                              ahead and to the right. ( Carbon is eating Heather. )

"Snowed out."  Walking in from the car which
is stuck 1/4 mile down the driveway at the road.
Carbon is coming to "help".